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Thank you for signing up to FarmMap4D.


We are excited that you have chosen us and look forward to getting you set up so you can get to work mapping your place.

There are a few easy steps to getting you set up:

  1. You will receive an email with a registration form to fill in – this provides us with the details about your property and people to access your data so we can set up your account.
  2. You submit the registration form and our team will input your property information into the mapping system.
  3. You will receive an email with your Property ID and login details. Plus information on how to use FarmMap4D, how to access introductory training session and what other support we have available.
  4. You are off and mapping!

Any issues in the meantime contact to reach the team who manage your property’s registration.

We look forward to receiving your registration form and getting you set up to use FarmMap4D.

FarmMap4D is a huge time saving tool, it avoids duplication and makes infrastructure cost-effective through planning, and you can use comparative groundcover data to chart your progress.