Plan your property for 2021


December, 2020

Plan your property for 2021 – better data leads to better decisions.

As we come to the end of 2020, we understand that you haven’t stopped – you’re planning for 2021.

Good planning is based on knowing where you are today then mapping out steps on how to get to your preferred future – determining what you have to work with to get you to where you want to be.

In grazing, planning starts with your property design, which includes:

  • infrastructure maps
  • land types
  • groundcover, and
  • how the above interact to form the basis of your enterprise.

The above information allows you to calculate

  • paddock sizes
  • fence length and location
  • water point location and duration to calculate grazable areas.

Gathering all this information can seem like hard work but there are tools to assist to make it more efficient.

Spending some time mapping your property pays dividends for planning, analysing management and making decisions. The value of an online map is that you can map your infrastructure in a clear and interactive way, establish the areas of watered pasture, analyse the changes in your groundcover, and then plan changes you want to make.

And an accurate map can ensure that new staff or contractors can safely move around your property…plus just make sure they end up at the right paddock to replace the pump and don’t dig through the pipeline

Using FarmMap4D allows you to return to this information again and again – change your paddocks/fencelines/trough position and easily reassess your paddock sizes, watered areas and have instant access to paddock and infrastructure reports.

Sharing information for ideas and discussion

This also allows you to share and discuss ideas with others in your business, advisors and financial institutions without them being in the room with you, so you can collaborate or explain decisions – you simply share your screen via an online meeting.

Michael Crisp, owner of a Lorraine Station 240 000 Hain the Northern Gulf of Queensland found this particularly useful: “As the main decision-maker on the ground, Michael says the more information he can provide to stakeholders about managing 25,000 head of cattle and an extensive irrigated farming operation, the better.


“A few shareholders wondered why we were starting to lighten off the herd this year but we sent them the ground cover analysis to show how much the country had dried off, and there were no more questions,”

Michael Crisp

Map Your Place

Are you looking for a planning tool where you can ensure you are planning strategically and review decisions made? Click here to get in touch with us at FarmMap4D, for a straightforward mapping tool for your property.

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