Satellite Imagery Analysis

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Use a range of spatial and temporal analysis tools to study different levels of ground cover metrics and benchmark by paddock, property, land type or regional area.

Time Series Satellite Analysis

  • Use satellite imagery products to analyse various seasonal cover results around your property over the last 30 years.

  • The tool works on extracting out the modeled proportion of a satellite grid cell which is photosynthetic vegetation (green), non-photosynthetic (blue) and bare ground and water (red).

  • The analysis has several layer options including fractional cover, fractional ground cover, persistent green, decile total and decile green.

  • The tool works as a base for deeper understanding of pasture growth potential, safe long-term carrying capacity and highlighting the impact of fire disturbance and drought.

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Ground Cover Percentile

  • The Percentile Imagery ranks the typical green and non-green ground cover over time to determine which areas have consistently lower or consistently higher cover over time to either all areas in your property, or all areas in a paddock.

  • The output maps are “Red to Green” maps, where red shows consistently poor cover over time, cream-white shows average cover and green shows consistently higher cover over time.

  • The results can highlight which paddocks or parts of the property are most grazed, or have consistently the lowest level of cover and vice versa.

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Regional Ground Cover Comparison

  • Regional cover analysis allows for a comparison of green and non-green vegetation components of ground cover data on your property with ground cover values achieved for similar land in the local region.

  • The analysis is conducted over a 30-year period with reported graph analysis in percentiles. This enables direct comparison of the trend and level of ground cover for a selected property to other properties in the area.

  • This can be very useful as a benchmarking tool (in land stewardship) and in considering stocking strategies based on past and current seasonal land conditions.

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