Mapping Tools

Mapping Tools

Use our unique open-architecture spatial information hub to map detailed satellite imagery, government topographic data and farm infrastructure into interactive analysis tools.

Digital Farm Mapping

  • Use high-resolution imagery to map all your farm infrastructure assets and paddocks.
  • Create a detailed asset register and reports on the length of fences, area of paddocks and depreciation schedules. Plan new infrastructure.
  • Produce high quality maps ready for printing to give to your bank manager or load onto a smartphone.
  • Export and share your digital farm map with other software using industry standard formats.
Available on: R Premium R Standard R Lite
digital farm mapping

Custom Map Tools

  • Custom mapping tools allow you to design your own map symbology, scales and areas of interest. Generate a custom map for planning fence maintenance.

  • Mark up an area of a paddock for spraying for a contractor, and in a few minutes, load into their GPS or Smartphone.

  • Quickly sketch weed and pest management areas or calculate the area for pasture treatments.

  • Create a Workplace Health and Safety map for new employees, and share your custom views and GPS-ready maps with other users.

Available on: R Premium Q Standard Q Lite

Land Type Mapping and Analysis

  • Mapping the distribution of land systems, vegetation or soils is critical to understanding the inherent carrying capacity of each paddock.

  • Multiple government datasets are provided to the user for review. The user can accept the state data or create their own data from scratch.

  • This information can be used to generate paddock area summaries for each land type, and assist with safe carrying capacity estimation or property development planning. It also provides the basis for analysing pasture utilisation, land condition and feed on offer.

Available on: R Premium Q Standard Q Lite

Base Map Layers

  • The base map layers each provide a different context view behind the main infrastructure data layers. These layers cannot be edited, but do provide various images to help you digitize existing infrastructure, and plan for new infrastructure.
  • We offer a suite of satellite platforms including Landsat, Sentinel and ESRI –used interchangeably for quality of resolution, regularity of the refresh period and length of historical recording.
  • Base terrain and topographic layers are also available allowing users to differentiate elevation by colour and contour lines.
  • High resolution maps available in Premium and Standard only for NSW, QLD and TAS.
Available on: R Premium R Standard R Lite
digital farm mapping