Analysis Tools

Analysis Tools

Create unique farm management analysis tools for water management, undulating fence and pipeline infrastructure and long-term stock carrying capacity.


Property Infrastructure Analysis

  • Rapidly analyse your water and fencing infrastructure in terms of distance from water, access, and seasonality. (Not available in Lite)
  • Plan where pipes and troughs will be put based on terrain and slope, and accurately calculate the length of pipe or fencing material over the actual terrain surface. (Not available in Lite)
  • Cost capital expenditure plans based on scenarios which are saved for reference.
  • Save days and weeks of driving, and costly GPS surveys.
  • Download plans to your GPS or smartphone for field verification, installation and monitoring.
Available on: R Premium R Standard R Lite
digital farm mapping

Profile (elevation) Tool

  • To examine how to connect a new proposed trough to an existing dam you can use the Profile Tool to plan a linear infrastructure route which generates a profile along the route, the along ground distance (as opposed to horizontal) as well as an interactive elevation height profile.

  • This can be very useful in accurately defining the type and length of pipeline required and any associated pump infrastructure.

  • The profiling tool is also very useful in mapping and planning new fence infrastructure – particularly over large and undulating terrain.

Available on: R Premium R Standard Q Lite

Distance from Water Analysis

  • The grazing intensity of livestock is highest close to a water point and decreases as livestock moves away from it. Distance from a Water Analysis tool (grazing circles) allows you to estimate the proportion of your paddocks that are likely to be productively grazed.

  • This tool combines water points, specified circle distances and fence lines to calculate where pasture utilization is likely to be most intensive down to least intensive.

  • This is a very popular tool for large graziers needing to optimize water infrastructure and carrying capacity.

Available on: R Premium Q Standard Q Lite

Long-term Carrying Capacity

  • Bring together land type, grazing circles, infrastructure and land condition information to estimate current and potential long-term safe carrying capacity for each paddock and land type within a property.
  • Use this information to estimate overall cost of investment, increases in production and return on investment.
  • Provide your bank with detailed maps and outputs on how investment and management is going to improve your production and sustainability.
Available on: R Premium Q Standard Q Lite

Georeferenced Screenshot Capability

  • Maps of specific areas of your property can be generated by using the Georeferenced Screenshot tool.

  • Georeferenced screenshots have location data attached to the image so it can be accurately geographically placed.

  • The downloaded screenshot can be emailed to a smartphone or mobile tablet and opened in a free App such as “Avenza Maps Mobile”.

  • If you are physically located on your property your location will come up and follow you as you move.

  • Importantly, you do not need mobile network or wifi for the system to operate – you just need to ensure your phone or tablet location and GPS is enabled.

Available on: R Premium R Standard R Lite

Summary Reporting

  • The Summary Tables tool allows you to pick from a drop-down list of standard tables that can be saved to your computer and opened in a table-viewing program such as Microsoft Excel.

  • An asset register can be displayed describing detailed information on either the point or linear assets of the property – including water points, yards, fences, pipelines, roads and paddock summaries.

  • These tables can be used throughout the year for planning stocking rates, reviewing capital expenditure requirements and other management decisions

Available on: R Premium R Standard R Lite