Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to read through our FAQs below to discover more about FarmMap4D.

Signing up

How do I subscribe?

You can follow this link. Chose the subscription type you would like and then make payment. We will then email you with a registration form to collect the details of your property location and of the people you wish to have access to your FarmMap.

What is the registration process?

We will send an email with a registration form attached. You need to fill this out, all fields are important, when you return the registration form, our operations team will then input your property on to the system and find the cadastral boundaries of your property. Then you will receive your login details and you will be able to enter the Spatial Hub.

What are the different subscription levels?

We offer three access levels – Premium, Standard and Lite which give you different levels of access to the tools in the hub and levels of support.

You can check out what is included in the different subscription levels on the subscriptions page.

Data and access

Can I use FarmMap4D on my phone?

FarmMap4D is not a phone application. However you can export your maps from Farmmap4D to an app like Avenza Maps to use it.

We know this feature would be really handy so the the FarmMap4D team is working to include this for future versions so stay tuned.

I’ve got a map of my property from another program, can I import the data?

Yes. However not all mapping data is equal and it might be a good idea to check what it looks like when imported with one of our operation’s team.

Who can access my data?

You control who has access to your properties mapping. When you register you will allocate who else has access to your account and the level of access they can have. You can adjust this at any time.

Can I give my consultant access to my map?

Yes you can. You can give them a range of access from read only to full editing rights, it is controlled by you. You can nominate them when you register or add them later.

Is my data deleted at the end of my subscription?

No. We don’t delete the data you have entered into FarmMap4D about your property. It is stored securely and will be there when you decide to resubscribe in the future.
You can also export your data before the end of your subscription period so you have a copy.

How secure is my data?

Need help

Can I sign up to get information about FarmMap4D?

You sure can, just click here. We are also on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow us there.

I have a specific question, how do I contact someone for more information?

For further information use the contact form on this website.

I’m a FarmMap4D user and need some support, where do I go?

As a FarmMap4D user you have direct access to the FarmMap4D support team which you can access from within the Spatial Hub when you log in. Alternatively drop us a line via the contact us form.

What should I do if I encounter any errors?

If you encounter problems within the Spatial Hub we would like to know about them and you can report them from within the Hub itself.
If you are having problems with the website, subscribing to FarmMap4d or have just generally hit a snag use the contact us form.