Business as Usual


July, 2021

FarmMap4D Monthly News, July 2021

Over the course of the past month, many parts of Australia have found themselves in lockdown. Luckily for many of us, the restrictions don’t have a large impact on our day-to-day lives and business continues as usual.

The business of managing a property certainly never ends – lockdown or not. That’s why it’s always important to look on the bright side of life – to quote a very famous song.

This month we’re pointing out some benefits of our mapping technology – there may be some you haven’t seen before! Read on to see what you’ve been missing and how it can help make your life easier.

Simplicity is key for Michael and Hannah
Discover why Michael and Hannah rate FarmMap4D so highly ->

Need help tracking water points?
Find out more about the grazing circles tool here ->

Measurability = Manageability
Learn how infrastructure planning can help with decision-making ->

Understanding water infrastructure

Understanding water infrastructure

Water infrastructure is vital in grazing businesses. The ability to increase the area of watered pasture enables a greater movement of stock, giving the ability to spell pastures and manage groundcover. Well planned water infrastructure is vital for livestock...

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Come and see us face to face rather than through the screen!

Come and see us face to face rather than through the screen!

FarmMap4D staff Kate and Joe are going to be at the SA Arid Lands Pastoral Field day on December 3rd and 4th in Port Augusta.   We look forward to meeting up with current users of FarmMap4D – if you have curly questions or want some training then come see at us at the...

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