About us

About FarmMap4D


FarmMap4D is a product of Spatial Hub Analytics (SHA).

FarmMap4D brings together the world’s latest mapping and imagery technology to provide a simple web-based tool to allow Australia’s rangelands to be managed more profitably and sustainably.

It combines the latest geospatial mapping technologies with time-series satellite remote sensing of ground cover, in a way that’s never been available before.

For the first time, the sheep and beef industries are able to use and compare their own data paddock data with government data in a consistent and interactive way.

FarmMap4D demonstrates how world leading time-series remote sensing of ground cover through an online interface can optimise grazing pressure and land condition, and allow land managers to make better, more informed decisions.

Our board of directors

Nigel Hennessy


Nigel has over 35 years experience in spatial intelligence and analytics in both government and commercial enterprises. He has held numerous executive and board director roles in large and small companies, including British Aerospace (BAE) Systems Australia, CCN/Cabcharge, Simoco Pacific Networks, Adacel Technologies and AquaSpy.

Over his career, Nigel has also been an active entrepreneur founding or directing 15 start-ups and emerging companies (primarily in Spatial analytics) in Australia and the USA.

He continues to serve on the boards of ASX listed and major private companies, has several governance and advisory roles, and is a regular writer and presenter on governance under disruption and commercialization.

Jonathan Whalley


Jonathan has 30 years of experience as an engineer and entrepreneur. He worked as a researcher at one of the UK’s leading research centres before joining remote sensing start-up specialising in synthetic aperture radar image processing.

He moved to Australia in 1994 where he founded DSpace Pty Ltd where he led the growth of the Company through organic expansion and completed a multi-million-dollar venture capital funding round.

DSpace further developed its globally supplied, proprietary mobile satellite terminal technology before being sold to a NASDAQ listed company in 2007. Over the past decade Jonathan has been an active angel investor and C-level executive in multiple technology start-ups.

Guy Hamilton


Guy has had a 35-year career with the HSBC Group with roles and senior management responsibilities across many international markets. Roles encompassed consumer finance, retail banking, corporate and institutional banking and capital markets.

Guy is a regular guest lecturer on Queensland University of Technology’s Executive MBA programmes and advisor to multiple boards.

He is also Author of “10 Foundations of Business Success” which has been widely used by small companies focusing on core success factors to build a strong business. Guy also manages SHA’s emerging urban property division.

Our management team

Mark Pervan

General Manager Rural

Mark has over 25 years of experience in Intuitional Banking in the natural resources markets. Prior to joining SHA, Mark was Chief Economist and Head of Business Development of AME (Australian Mineral Economics) Group and prior to that Global Head of Commodity & Industry Research at ANZ Bank.

He is well known as an industry expert in commodity markets and has a strong commercial background with industry and investor participants.

Being a commodity economist and vary familiar with data analytics, Mark gives SHA strategic leverage into broader markets in mining and energy infrastructure while managing SHA’s most established business in the rural sector.

Darko Radiceski

Chief Technical Officer

Darko is the principal architect behind the development of SHA’s 4D Spatial Data Model and artificial intelligent learning modules.

He is a leading expert in the Geospatial industry and is internationally recognised for his capabilities in developing workable solutions for complex GIS applications.

He has extensive experience across a wide range of GIS projects of all sizes, spanning many industries including Mining, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Telecommunications, Law Enforcement & Emergency Services, State & Local Government, Natural Resources, Engineering and Insurance.

Mike Digby

FarmMap Operations Manager

Mike is a GIS and property planning expert and is one of the primary architects of SHA’s flagship FarmMap4d product.

Mike has an extensive background in GIS plus an ongoing commitment to the remote rural grazing industry and communities. He has over 30 years’ experience in the spatial science arena, with the last 19 years working directly with graziers in the Cape & Gulf Country of Qld, which has now expanded to over 550 grazing enterprises across Australia.

Mike heads up the GIS and GPS training integrating SHA’s client information into the company’s Spatial Hub.

History & factsheets

Stage one of the Hub, then called the NRM Spatial Hub, formally commenced in April 2014 and was completed in June 2016.

  • Download a 2-page summary of stage 1 here.
  • Download a comprehensive full report into stage 1 here.

In mid-2017 the Hub moved to an operational platform and was renamed FarmMap4D.

To learn more about the technologies underpinning it, please click on the links below.

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