Purchase a subscription for a game changing mapping system for your property

One year subscription

$750.00 excl. GST

A 10% discount applies when registering more than one property, if you want to subscribe more than one property please contact us .

Your subscription includes:

Digital Farm Mapping System

Map all your farm infrastructure assets and paddocks and plan new infrastructure.

Create a detailed asset register and reports on the length of fences, area of paddocks and depreciation schedules.

Get access to government data as standard base maps, along with fire and weather data.

Produce high quality maps ready for printing or load onto a smartphone.

Export and share your digital farm map with other software using industry standard formats.

All the tools you need to take control of digital farm map data and share it with your consultants or partners.

Current very high resolution imagery

Rather than relying on free imagery like Google Earth, Bing or ESRI World that may be out of date in remote areas, FarmMap4D provides access to recent 30-50cm very high resolution Digital Globe satellite imagery that is captured over the entire continent every 12-18 months (depending on clouds).

This not only does away with much of the need to map features using GPS which is very time consuming, but it provides that ability to audit on-farm development or assist with property valuations.

To purchase this imagery separately would cost ~$1700 for 100sqkm.

“If we fail to use digital tools there is no way we’ll keep pace with our competitors in producing beef. Once you have a play with FarmMap4D you start to think, what CAN’T it do?” 

Russell Lethbridge

“A few of our 60 shareholders wondered why we were starting to lighten off the herd this year but we sent them FarmMap4D’s ground cover analysis to show how much the country had dried off, and there were no more questions. 

Michael Crisp

land type mapping

Mapping the distribution of land systems, vegetation or soils is critical to understanding the inherent carrying capacity of each paddock. Multiple government datasets are provided to the user for review.

The user can accept the state data or create their own data from scratch. This information can be used to generate paddock area summaries for each land type, and assist with safe carrying capacity estimation or property development planning. It also provides the basis for analysing pasture utilisation, land condition and feed on offer.

Custom map production

Custom mapping tools allow you to design your own map symbology, scales and areas of interest. Generate a custom map for planning fence maintenance.

Mark up an area of a paddock for spraying for a contractor, and in a few minutes, load into their GPS or Smartphone.

Quickly sketch weed and pest management areas or calculate the area for pasture treatments. Create a Workplace Health and Safety map for new employees, and share your custom views and GPS-ready maps with other users.

carrying capacity analysis

Bring together land type, grazing circles, infrastructure and land condition information to estimate current and potential long-term safe carrying capacity for each paddock and land type within a property.

Use this information to estimate overall cost of investment, increases in production and return on investment.

Provide your bank with detailed maps and outputs on how investment and management is going to improve your production and sustainability.

ground cover time series analysis and reporting

Analyse changes in vegetation and ground cover derived from satellite data for any season over the last 30 years.

Use world-leading remote sensing science to assess the impacts of management, and compare ground cover between paddocks or against similar land in the local region. Benchmark yourself and demonstrate good land stewardship.

Consider stocking strategies based on past and current seasonal conditions and changes in land condition.

Custom Analysis of Time-series Data

Understand the spatial and temporal variability of pasture growth utilisation and ground cover within and between paddocks using seasonal time-series satellite data. Simply select a specific time-period and produce a detailed map that can be used to make changes in management to improve sustainable production.


User Training, Support and Mapping Services

A range of training, support and mapping services are available to suit your needs. Detailed user manuals, YouTube videos and Webinars are provided online. Individual online tutoring or group training is available through the FMA team, consultants, government and regional NRM extension staff. If you would like to get the initial basic mapping of infrastructure completed by a specialist that can also be arranged.

Infrastructure analysis, design and investment

Rapidly analyse your water and fencing infrastructure in terms of distance from water, access, and seasonality.

Analyse and report on available grazing areas based on different climate and water planning scenarios.

Plan where pipes and troughs will be put based on terrain and slope, and accurately calculate the length of pipe or fencing material over the actual terrain surface. Cost capital expenditure plans based on scenarios which are saved for reference. Save days and weeks of driving, and costly GPS surveys. Download plans to your GPS or smartphone for field verification, installation and monitoring.

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