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FarmMap4D is working

It was built from the ground up with graziers at the wheel leading to a tool that provides what graziers need and we see that interaction to remain key to the business.

The FarmMap team is working at improving the usability and design of the tool, working with partners to integrate more capability in the tool and working to improve support systems for clients.

“It is probably the best use of investment dollars I have seen, demonstrated by its ability to achieve real outcomes relating to the environmental and financial sustainability of a grazing business”.

Russell, Queensland grazier

Now available!

FarmMap4D Lite

An easy to use mapping solution that’s also easy on the pocket. Our Lite version of the tool will allow you to map your property, giving you a user-friendly map of your place, with key landmarks such as paddock lines and infrastructure.

FarmMap4D Lite starts at just $10 per month.

All types of properties, mapped right.

The power of FarmMap4D


Infrastructure Mapping and Planning:

Map the location and details of existing or planned infrastructure across your property – fences, water points, roads and more.


Grazing Circle Analysis:

Create grazing circles from different climate and water planning scenarios. Provides area watered and unwatered across your property.


Water Infrastructure Planning:

Understand the elevation profile and on-the-ground distances when planning new water pipelines, fences, tracks or roads.


Mapping and Reporting:

Export tables, or publish user-defined geo-referenced maps or screen shots for printing for use on your desktop and mobiles devices.


Ground Cover Analysis:

Analyse changes in ground cover over the last 30 years for different paddocks or land types, and compare against similar land in the region.


Safe Carrying Capacity:

Combine land type, grazing circles, infrastructure and land condition to estimate long-term safe carrying capacity for paddocks within your property.

The benefits of FarmMap4D

Secure online access

Access comprehensive time series satellite and onground data securely through a simple online interface.

Map and monitor

Map and monitor ground cover, land infrastructure and changes in farm management practices to better understand your business.

Tailor analysis

Tailor proprietary applications to analyse and improve farm management profitability and investment decisions.

Improve sustainabiity

Support decisions on long-term safe carrying capacity and systematic monitoring of ground cover dynamics.

findings on farmmap4d

Grazier survey results


Has potential improve productivity


Saved between 10-30 labour days per year


Found FarmMap easy to use


Technology is important to business sustainability

Improve business performance

FarmMap4D delivers practical maps that graziers use for improving business performance.  FarmMap4D is purpose built to provide the information extensive graziers need to build their business.

Proven technology and information sources

This online tool enables graziers to map, plan and analyse their property. Satellite imagery is used to create property maps, over which infrastructure ‘layers’ are placed to analyse land and pasture changes.

Enabling tactical decisions

Graziers use the tool to make tactical decisions regarding infrastructure development, grazing management, pest control, livestock breeding, production and marketing and land rehabilitation.