About Us

Welcome to the FarmMap4D Spatial Hub

The Hub brings together the world’s latest mapping and imagery technology to provide a simple web-based tool to allow Australia’s rangelands to be managed more profitably and sustainably.

The Hub combines the latest geospatial mapping technologies with time-series satellite remote sensing of ground cover, in a way that’s never been available before.

For the first time, the sheep and beef industries are able to use and compare their own data paddock data with government data in a consistent and interactive way.

FarmMap4D demonstrates how world leading time-series remote sensing of ground cover through an online interface can optimise grazing pressure and land condition, and allow land managers to make better, more informed decisions.

Or if you would like step by step videos, have a look at our YouTube tutorials. There you will find short videos on how to get started, property infrastructure mapping, editing and deleting features, land type mapping, distance from water analysis, water infrastructure planning, publishing and exporting information, the stocking rate calculator and ground cover analysis: in particular basic statistics from your property, cover analysis (comparisons with other areas) and cover percentile maps of your property.

Stage one of the Hub, then called the NRM Spatial Hub, formally commenced in April 2014 and was completed in June 2016.

Download a 2-page summary of stage 1 here.

Download a comprehensive full report into stage 1 here.

In mid-2017 the Hub moved to an operational platform and was renamed FarmMap4D.

To learn more about the technologies underpinning it, please click on the links below.

FarmMap4D Spatial Hub Fact Sheet – Time series Satellite Data Products

FarmMap4D Spatial Hub Fact Sheet – Turning Big Data into Better Decisions